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wilmer pup

We are enjoying our new addition!

The Wilmer Family

Lexington, MA


Olivia, Sydney and Jackson Gilbert

Portland, Maine



Angie is a very active and playful puppy!

Kirby Littlefield

Biddeford, Maine

max and boys

He is literally growing on us. He is about 2x the size that he was when we got him.

The Freeman Family

Readfield, Maine


(Max is our Rosie's brother living with the Freeman family in Readfield, Fall 2006 Pups of Jenny and Aidain.)

jacob and cyrus


We wanted to write to you and say thank you again for allowing us to adopt Cyrus (green boy). He's adjusting WONDERFULLY and we are all having a great time with him. I am attaching one photo of Jacob and the puppy - we'll send another in a few months when he looks older.

Karen, Jeremy, Jacob and Eli

black girl
curly pup
brown pup on bench


Joe's been a great addition to our family. Great personality, quick learner, and excellent companion for the kids! Plus, another bonus is he's already house broken!!
He's really helped us deal with the loss of our other dog.

Thanks Again,
The Bland Family

Hi Angelica,

I am forwarding the picture I promised taken of Hershey ("Blue Boy"). He had his 4 month check up Thursday and is now 32 pounds. He is such a loving puppy, is learning quickly, and of course is as cute as can be. Thank you so much for allowing him to be a part of my life. I will send more pictures as he matures. Thank you again.

Nancy Jackson

boy on couch

Hi Steve and Angelica,

We love our puppy and have named him Bayley. He certainly fits in well with our household and my German Shepherd has welcomed him. Upon arriving home we could really tell how well cared for this little guy was with you two raising him his first ten weeks. I am also surprised at how mellow he has been so far and well-mannered, mostly!

Thank you, it was a pleasure meeting your family,
Cara and Anthony Ragucci

Lucy (formerly rainbow) is doing great.  We are scheduled to have her spayed on Monday, after which I'll send you her records.  We love her!  She is smart, obedient and very gentle for such a big pup. 


I am writing an update for you. We picked up our puppy on 7/7/07. On the way home to Ellsworth, I gave him the name "Charlie". He is such a love!
He had his first vet appointment today and he is doing well. We are working on crate training and toileting. We are going to our first puppy class tonight. We have lots of pictures and I will send some soon.
My vet said there are two other puppies from your litters around here because she has seen them. Maybe sometime we'll all meet up.
I left a message on your phone so this note is really a repeat.

Thanks again.
Linda Shea & Charlie


Hello! We wanted to share our most recent picture of 'Moose'. He has so much personality and has been a wonderful addition to our family. We love him!

The Vdoviak Family


2007 Labradoodle Maine

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